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My Sexual Fantasies
I'm a very hot, open-minded guy living in Melbourne. I love to try new things. So anything u wanna try, PLEASE let me know. I've heard from women that I'm a professional in ORAL SEX. Well, I really LOVE licking your body especially your pussy for an hour!!!

I'm also a serious fan of GOLDEN SHOWERS! Actually I'm looking for a partner with similar interests. So if you are into golden showers as well, drop me a line to see what happens ;)

My Romantic Side
Aside from my sexual fantasies, I'm a very WARM, FRIENDLY, EASY GOING, CARING, HONEST and ROMANTIC guy. I understand that u r not a toy, but a bird; you've feelings and I can care about them. I love to eat dinner and/or red wine with you in candle nights, give you a warm cuddle, kiss you for minutes and then give u a good massage to make u ready for a harder action. I believe that foreplay is an important part of a good sex.

I can also be a good friend for you so we can share our time together to go out and have fun. It all depends what type of friendship you're looking for. So, drop me a line and let me know what you're exactly looking for and we can see where we can go from there...
Looking for
I'm looking for a hot girl who doesn't mind trying new things. I'm a serious fan of GOLDEN SHOWERS so looking for a girl into GOLDEN SHOWERS. If you are looking for a hot guy to lick your body and pussy for an hour and fuck you for 2 hours, contact me. I can give it to you as many times as you need in a day!!