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I'm a writer, so I enjoy all the arts, but mostly I like to be outdoors so I can feel the elements. I'm into any sport that can be played outside, the riskier the better!
I am in a long distance relationship which is slowly dying, but I have a very high sex drive and enjoy being close to a woman. Not the best situation to be in!
I live in a big empty house on a small farm, which gives me the freedom to be creative, but can get very lonely. Hence this profile!!
I'm reasonably fit and attractive in a rugged sort of way and I look after myself as best a batchelor can!
I hate junk food and laziness.
Looking for
I love a girl with the confidence to be herself and experience all life has to offer. Sex appeal is very important to me, but that can come in many different forms!
A lady who can hold a conversation, looks good in jeans and singlet as well as a cocktail dress and has an independent spirit. (And is a firecracker in bed!)
I'm not really after a relationship, I'm just testing the water a bit!