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Single girls of dating personals singles social connections are the most important part of each group, socials is considered to be the best. Socials events draw millions of girls and higher quality. Parties have to mix always room for romantic lighting and music.

On each tour, hundreds of beautiful, educated and sincere women visit our socials. You come from different walks of life, but all share the belief in traditional values and the desire to devote himself to the man of her dreams. All women are keen to participate our socials.


Some ladies to meet even thousands of miles for our participants to travel. It is not uncommon that surrounded men from 4 or 5 women, while women wait for their chance to be introduced.
About two-thirds of the ladies at our socials in English maintained, but for those not we have more than enough interpreters available to help you at no extra charge.

All of our interpreters are beautiful young women themselves, who have worked for many years with us, and are especially skilled to make introductions, and maintain a pleasant atmosphere for you and the ladies who you want to meet. If you’re shy, don’t worry. If you find a woman you questions she would like to again simply for her phone number, so that you can make arrangements to them later to see.

With so many tours per year in Russia and the Ukraine. We spend an average of 110 days in Russia and the Ukraine in the year. 80% of the ladies from our database have attended our tour socials & met with our Russian-American staff. Photos by mail we have received not these ladies – ladies actually have her brought us photos, we have seen that these ladies in person & we were able to make sure that all of them are single, available and seriously interested to find a partner

Alexis Klein