Rekindle Your Sex Life with Hot Dating Techniques

There are some simple techniques that couple should follow to keep their sex lives alive and amazing. It is not that you have to bring total change in the way of your dating life but it’s just to add some hot dating spices that make your partner look at you in a different way. Regular things make people fade up from those and they start loosing their interest in that and so diverting it could be more exciting.

hot dating

Hot Dating Partners should Feel Connection with Each Other

Stop the Clock: Think about how long you and your partner had your lovemaking session last? If it was too short then explore it to last longer. It is very important for long term relationship to find time for yourself. If you have kids then have them go play, turn the phone, TV, radio off and lock yourselves in bedroom. Undress each other with enjoyment and appreciate your partner’s body. Lie on the bed in such way that your bodies touch each other to create hot dating atmosphere but staying away from partner’s hot spot and touch the places that you have never touched before.

Hot Dating Spices up with Body Actions

Turning off soundtrack: As action speaks louder that words so let your body speaks with your body language. Make eye contact and have your partner feel the actions he or she is doing to you and how you are enjoying that at fullest. Show your feeling to your hot dating partner with eye contact, facial expressions, lip biting and scratching fingernails down the back.

Hot Dating Enhances with Surprises

Play dress up: Blindfold can create a magical atmosphere for hot dating people. Tie one of the partners while other one is being naughty and have the partner guess your next action. Dressing up a partner and enjoying his or her body with that could be more romantic.

Change it up: Trying new positions for sex and surprising the partner could make them hornier to come closer to you to make love with you. All these can set up a wild hot dating evening for dating for both the partners.

Alexis Klein