Myths and Facts of Adult Sex Dating and Acne

Sex and acne together is having many myths and facts that are having no authenticity but people all over the world believe that very strongly. The biggest issue that any male think of is the connection between masturbation and acne. According to one of the myth about masturbation, it causes blindness, acne or mental disturbance.

Sex Dating and Acne

How Sex Affects Acne

Regular adult sex dating can make a man more manful as it causes to grow his beard faster. In short sex and acne relates in some manner. There is no doubt in connection between male sex hormones and skin and hair complexion. There is no clear answer to the question, whether sex raises the level of testosterone in the body or not.

No one is sure about that; whether the level of sexual hormones increase with adult sex dating or not and how that affects on face but as per the science research, Ayurveda believes that sex more than a normal level can lead to weakness and lowering down the immune system of the body that causes acne. Relation between sex dating and hair and skin still needs some research to prove that completely.

Hormonal changes start occurring when person reaches to puberty which finally leads to masturbation of sexual organs. Acne can be because of such hormonal changes in the body so it may not be because of adult sex dating. With puberty, sexual hormone androgen is more eminent which causes to increase sexual desire. Some kind of body oil named sebum also gets produced and if some kind of bacteria named P.acne combine with that sebum then they can produce acne. This is how adult sex dating tonight and acne are related which means sex is not the only that causes for acne and acne in no way affects sexual desire of a person.

Alexis Klein