How to Cuddle With Someone

Cuddling is an important part of love. It keeps the freshness of love. Just like kissing, cuddling is an expression of love a couple feels for each other – one which draws them closer both physically and emotionally. Most people will agree that women like to cuddle more than men – most men prefer to sleep following sex while most women enjoy cuddling after sex – so much that some women even choose cuddling to sex.

When two people first come together in a relationship, it starts with cuddling each other. Everything is rosy at the starts; there is love in the air. You cuddle each other every time. If you are looking for someone cuddling then join free online dating site. Cuddling can be very good for your relationship. You may find that your unexpected willingness to cuddle may effect in your partner becoming more approachable and forthcoming in all facets of your relationship.

looking for someone cuddling

Looking for someone cuddling

So, how do you cuddle?

Cuddling is a very simple and natural obsession to do. Here are a couple of ways you can cuddle with your partner.


Lie so that the back of one person is pressed against the front of the other – like two spoons in a drawer – with arms and perhaps legs of the back person wrapped around the person in front. This position can be very sensual and romantic. If you are looking for someone cuddling dating then start searching through online dating services.

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Sitting on the sofa

Put your arm around her waist while watching TV and draw her in so that her head rests on your shoulder or chest. Hold her hand and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. It helps if you are watching a romantic movie.Cuddling has a relaxing power. Whenever somebody cuddles you, you feel relaxed. You can find someone at adult online dating site for cuddling dating. Your body is rejuvenated. Make it a point to cuddle each other and touch each other.

Standing up

Gently wrap your arms around her while standing and bring her close to you either facing each other or with her back turned to you. If in the public, a gentle cuddle like this will most likely be considered quite romantic in most cultures.

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